Smart Elderly Care Solutions

Magicare is a professional provider of smart elderly care products. By using VitalTrack Sleep Monitor to monitor the physical vital signs of the elderly and automatically alarm so that we can help in the first time.

Sleep monitor of IoT

With SaaS Service Support


Sleep Monitor and Automatic Alarm Service Systems

  • Monitor Heart rate and Respiratory rate of the seniors
  • In/Out bed status mornitor and automatic alarm
  • Up to 99.7% accuracy
  • No need to wear any equipment
  • Can be used with any other regular mattress

Industry Articles

The rapid development of the smart elderly care industry on a global scale has brought good news to the happy life of the elderly.


Six Safe Investments for Seniors

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The Future Development Trend of The Elderly Care Industry

Over the past decade, technology has evolved at an astonishing rate. At the same time, another significant change is taking place, and that is the increasing aging of the population. This is changing the dynamics of many societies, with Japan, China and South Korea leading the way and the US not far behind. In fact, about 10,000 Americans reach the age of 65 every day.


Elder Care Services Market – Global Industry Analysis

Elder Care Services Market – By Funding Source (Private Expenditure, Public Expenditure, And Out-Of-Pocket Spending), By Service Type (Adult Daycare, Institutional Care, And Home Care), By Service Provider (Private And Public), And By Region- Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, And Forecast, 2020 – 2026

Technology supports smart care services

Through a complete hardware and software solution for the elderly and nursing workers, we greatly reduce the risk of accidents and make the quality of life of the elderly better.

About the Team


“For the elderly, 70% of the risk occurs at night, most of the serious accidents are because of not getting rescue, we hope that our products can help seniors in the accident in time automatic alarm and get rescue, to avoid serious problems.”


“In order to provide better hardware and software products, our engineering team has constantly modified and improved each function dozens of times so that users can use it more conveniently, and make the function more stable and reliable.”


“We aim at reducing elderly death rate by monitoring vital sign and help first-time assistance when in emergency, we make every effort to help elderly care facilities deliver more efficient services, we dedicate ourselves to continuously raise life quality of the elderly.”


Meet The Users

Here are real feedbacks from real elderly users and nursing home workers, so let’s hear what they have to say.

JZ Chang, 85 years old

“ I live in Shanghai Jing’an District Nursing Home, a few months ago one night, I accidentally fell and fractured at night in the toilet and could not move, fortunately the smart mattress detected that I did not return to bed and automatically alarm, the staff sent me to the hospital in time for treatment, otherwise it may lead to serious consequences. ”

Jun Chao, 83 years old

“ One night a few months ago, I had a heart attack, and I lost my ability to call, but fortunately, the smart mattress detected my abnormal heart rate data and automatically alarmed the duty room, and the doctor on duty arrived in time to treat me, otherwise my life would be in danger. ”

DY Lee, care worker from Shanghai LTC

“ Our nursing home is equipped with smart mattresses and service systems for the elderly over 75 years old, and the physical vital of the elderly and the status of leaving bed can be seen at a glance on the large screen. Especially at night, which greatly saves the manpower on duty, and we will be automatically alarm in the first time when any accidents happen. ”